Law firms use case

Legal Document Management For Corporate Departments

Both law firms and individual lawyers need to preserve old case files for future reference, as well as require immediate access to current case files. Though electronic copies are good for reference, there is a need to access originals frequently – often at short notice. EisenVault provides a cost-effective legal document management and secure storage solution for your valuable client files, which allows you to retrieve physical files promptly – making sure you are well prepared for court.

A typical workflow that EisenVault would help you implement:

  1. Let’s say you are working on a land dispute
  2. Your customer hand delivers you an original title-deed document
  3. EisenVault executive (or your own scanning executive) at your office receives the title-deed
  4. The executive then scans the title-deed, places the original in the customer’s case file, and notes the previously assigned number or bar-code on the case file
  5. The scanned image is uploaded onto the EisenVault DMS
  6. EisenVault DMS asks the executive to populate the following information about the image before saving it:
    • Client name
    • Opposing party name
    • Opposing counsel name
    • Document type
    • Case file number or bar-code of file in which original document is placed
    • Other relevant information that we will customize based on your specific requirements – it will be possible to auto-populate some of this information from the text of the uploaded document
  7. Upon pressing ‘save’, the DMS automatically converts the image into a searchable PDF, any typed/printed English language text will be searchable within the DMS later on
  8. The Executive sends the case file for storage to your record room
  9. The digital title-deed is automatically stored in the relevant client’s digital case file, for easy reference
  10. When you want to get the original case file, you can simply find the digital document on the DMS, note down the case-file number, and hand this case-file number to your librarian / records-manager who can easily retrieve the correct case-file for you

EisenVault can also help with scanning, storage and management of physical documents and files.