Healthcare use case

Healthcare – Hospital Document Management

Hospitals, medical centres and clinics have an increasing burden of patient data. From prescriptions and test results, to invoices and credit card data. Medical records often need to be preserved for the lifetime of the patient, and beyond. EisenVault Electronic and Physical Document Management services help you preserve critical patient data in a secure and easy-to-access manner. We are here to help you make the best decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

The following is a typical workflow that EisenVault would help you implement:

  1. A new patient arrives at hospital reception and provides driving license as ID
  2. Reception executive creates a new folder in DMS for the patient, with the hospital’s unique patient ID in the folder name
  3. Subfolders automatically created:
    • Billing documents
    • Test reports
    • Prescriptions
    • Identity cards and personal information
  4. Executive scans the driving license and uploads its TIFF image to DMS
  5. DMS automatically populates a number of metadata items like:
    • Patient name
    • Driving license number
    • Patient address
  6. Operator reviews above information and presses submit
  7. Driving license automatically converted to searchable PDF and stored in the correct folder, any typed/printed English language text will be searchable within the DMS later on
  8. EisenVault DMS uses enterprise-grade SSL encryption to ensure that all customer data remains secure
  9. Operator then scans the next document

EisenVault can also help with scanning, storage and management of physical documents and files.