Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Cloud Document Storage for Business – Small to Medium Enterprise

Corporates and small business alike generate and receive a high volume of records such as customer bills, cash vouchers and supplier invoices – all of which are critical for tax filing and audit purposes. Accounting, HR, marketing and operations teams have to manage a large volume of customer, employee and corporate data – often delivered in an unstructured, unsorted format.

EisenVault helps you go paperless in your operational processes, and works with you to map electronic records to physical records – ensuring that you can easily retrieve the employee offer letter, signed paper bill or voucher whenever the lawyers or auditors demand them.

The following is a typical workflow that EisenVault would help you implement:

  1. Supplier invoice arrives at the building’s reception by courier
  2. Digitisation executive scans invoice into TIFF image
  3. Digitisation executive then stores physical invoice in a physical folder, which has a previously affixed a bar-code
  4. Digitisation executive uploads TIFF image onto EisenVault DMS
  5. EisenVault DMS asks digitisation executive to populate additional information about the image:
    • Barcode number from physical folder that holds the paper invoice
    • Supplier name
    • Supplier address
    • Invoice amount
    • Product/service invoiced for
    • Invoice addressed to
    • And other such fields which are relevant for your specific scenario
  6. EisenVault DMS will be able to intelligently pickup some of the above information automatically from the uploaded image
  7. Once the digitisation executive presses ‘Save’, the above information is saved in the DMS together with the a copy of the invoice
  8. The invoice image is automatically converted to a searchable PDF, and any typed/printed English language text will be searchable within the DMS later on
  9. The invoice is automatically saved to the appropriate folder and given appropriate access permissions, based on policies that we will set up for you in advance
  10. Based on the policies that we set up for you, the DMS will automatically send an alert to the appropriate person in your company, informing them that an invoice has arrived that requires their attention
  11. Digitisation executive sends physical folder for storage in the company’s record room

EisenVault can also help with scanning, storage and management of physical documents and files.