Accounting firms use case

Accounting Firms – Cloud Based Management Services

Chartered Accountants, CPAs and CA Firms routinely need to collect documents from their clients and share relevant documents with their clients. Examples of such documents include payment vouchers, business expense receipts, international money transfer documentation and PAN cards. EisenVault provides you a simple to use cloud or online platform that you can use to store all your customer documents. You can also provide a login to your customer to give them access to their documents and to give them a secure place to upload any documents they need to send to you. This is a safer and more cloud based management and reliable solution than email or fax. The documents are always easy to find and retrieve.

The following is a typical workflow that EisenVault would help you Cloud Based Management Services and:

  1. Let’s say your customer in India wants to send a payment to a supplier in Australia. You require the customer to fill certain statutory forms before you can set up the foreign exchange transaction.
  2. Your customer has a dedicated folder in the DMS, and only that customer and your authorised staff have access to this folder.
  3. You place the required forms in this folder and initiate a workflow where your customer gets a notification via email. The email message will notify your customer that few forms need their attention.
  4. The customer will edit the forms, fill all the relevant information, and complete the workflow at their end.
  5. You will now get a workflow alert telling you that there is a form for your approval. You can view the form, and either approve or reject it.
  6. If you reject it, the customer will again get an alert with your rejection comments.
  7. If you approve the form, the workflow is complete and you can use the forms to setup the foreign exchange transaction.
  8. The filled form remains in the same folder – easy for you to find and refer to at a later stage.

EisenVault can also help with scanning, storage and management of physical documents and files.