EisenVault DMS Workflow

Workflow of EisenVault Cloud Based Document Management Software

We welcome you to the second webinar of this series. The last one was successful. We demonstrated some of the new features which we collected hold out. And in today’s webinar, we’ll be discussing the standard workflows which we have already present for our clients in the DMS. So we just will walk you through how you can use that workfrom from day to day basis while using the DMS. The Workflow, when we talk about, is a quick background of what initially looks and why is it required.

For example, Workflow is like a process or how you can process your documents. How you get approved a document or get the task done using those documents. There could be a normal task like to individuals creating a contract, utilize a task for implementation so I gather the information. so well after that what we do is we pass on that information to our development team so that scenario what we do is we got that information and create a document for all the information gathered from our clients and then we raise a task to our development team that they can go-ahead for the implementation and development of the software.

For example, if there’s a payment to be done and you have an invoice from your vendor and you want to do it or make a payment but you need approval from the manager of someone from the finance team so you can what you can do is you can simply upload all invoices and routed the initiated work status for the manager approval.

It didn’t damage as you don’t need to take a print out our standard to what they emailed the document is already uploaded document is already in that center repository so you can benefit it out using to look through and save the time.Otherwise what happens is there could be a hired killer will approve it and not just one approval you might require team approval to complete. so it’s our policy is going to be told out. you have multiple people is working on it all you might require multiple reviews on that so you have drafted a policy you are waiting for the managers are H. R. managers have maybe died actors bought the new policy maybe could be deep but it’s you know something. so you can Initiate the workflow to the right group and get the approval in the system process all the local’s histories are also captured and if you know about that that okay that who all approved. If there are any changes required so you can use those approvals served as a contract you need or if there is a drying designing and you want approval for design it could be for drying team hat’s what to design a so you can simply upload it and you can initiate the workflow to the designer manager and can get the approval and then what can you do it as well after that there could be multiple scenarios based on your departments or industries you are part off.