Document Management System for CA Firm

Sharma Anurag & Associates – How Document Management System Saves Time For CA Firm

EisenVault’s electronic Document Management Solution has changed the way we use to work earlier. “We started this firm in 1998 and since then we have acquired numerous corporate and non-corporate clients in the areas of statutory audit, tax audits, stock audits, internal audits, payroll processing, and other related fields. We are required to store records of all our clients and often refer back to a particular document when required. Compliance and regulatory mandates from government requires us to secure records which forms the basis of audit or review.

My team used to spend a lot of time searching a particular file of a company and then a particular required document. They have scanned all the old documents that we had since we started this firm and stored them in electronic form. Everything is so organised now as for each client, we have a separate folder which have sub-folders and so on. We do not even have to worry about browsing through these folders because every single word in these files has become searchable.

I am able to use my team’s time for other productive work and let EisenVault manage our documents and do the searching for us.”  – Anurag Sharma – Partner, Sharma Anurag & Associates, Chartered Accountants