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Globus Spirits

EisenVault assisted Globus Spirits, a publicly listed manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, to modernise their business. Their CFO gave us the following generous testimonial:

“We are grateful to the team at EisenVault for taking away our hassle of managing documents; our documents now are sorted and well secured. Earlier, we were having a tough time locating any document and it use to take not less than 10-15 days in getting a file when required. The time in retrieving a document has considerable reduced and we get the desired file next day. We are happy that our documents are now being managed professionally unlike earlier when the chances of document get lost due to theft and fire was always possible.

A number of old useless files which we were storing have been removed after an analysis by EisenVault. This has considerable reduced cost of storage and documentation for us. We are working with EisenVault to go a step further by making these documents available online.

We are thankful to the team at EisenVault for coming to our help on time. The documents were just piled up, making it difficult to locate files when required.”