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One of our key clients is 98.4, a leading chain of chemist stores in Delhi and Gurgaon. Here’s some feedback from their Senior Manager

“We have been working closely with EisenVault for more than 8 months. Vipul & Rahul spent a considerable amount of time working closely with senior managers from our Accounts, HR and Marketing departments. They also had a team on the ground at our document warehouses, with close personal oversight by EisenVault’s leadership team. During this time, EisenVault have organised our documents – over 8000 files and 2000 boxes. These documents were spread across 3 locations in Delhi and Gurgaon and were historically stored in an unorganised manner. Now the documents are all stored centrally following a properly indexed and labelled system. About 4000 files were also identified as past their useful life and were securely shredded and recycled.

With EisenVault’s help we have been able to reduce average retrieval times from 1 week to 2 hours. Now we are working with EisenVault’s team to implement an online document management solution. Our aim is to go paperless in all our operations. EisenVault have been a pleasure to work with – the team is highly knowledgeable, responsive and treats our documents with the utmost respect and professionalism.”