6 steps for classifying documents effectively

6 steps for classifying documents effectively

Setup Tags & Keywords Prior to any scanning operation, the business must define the basis on which to categorize documents. E.g. HR documents might be categorized based on keywords such as: Employee ID, Employee Name, Date of Joining etc. Your Document Management System (DMS) must be capable of setting up custom “Document Types” with custom […]

Importance of Planning for Destruction of Documents

Importance of planning for destruction of documents

We recently completed a record destruction activity that over-ran budget by 500% and time estimates by 700%! The reason? Poor planning for destruction while initially storing the records. It is often easier to not plan for destruction of documents. Administrative systems in India are often unreliable, and we end up questioning our intent to destroy. What […]

Records & Retention Periods in Indian BFSI companies

Records and retention periods for Indian BFSI companies

EisenVault has surveyed a number of Banks, Insurance Companies and other Financial Services companies in India. Below is a list of common types of records that these companies generate & receive, and the period they are typically required to preserve them. Customer Related Records with typical retention periods of 8 years: Savings Account Opening Forms Current […]