Boxes in a Document Warehouse

Securing Physical Documents & Files

EisenVault stores physical documents & files at our warehouse in Delhi. Our customers need these documents to be kept safely and securely for 7-10 years, depending on the applicable laws. The documents are stored in regular 5-ply cardboard boxes, barcoded and sealed. Several precautions are taken against hazards, even if the probability of their occurrence […]

Nepal Digital Document Management

Nepal thinking Digital Document Management

The recent devastating earthquake that shook the Himalayan nation was a terrible tragedy that took away hundreds of lives and destroyed monuments and a large number of homes. It was covered extensively by the Global and the Indian media. Given India’s proximity and close cultural, economic and emotional connect the Indian media went into an […]

Electronic Records Potentially Made Easier by New Proposals in Union Budget 2015

Electronic records potentially made easier in Union Budget 2015

Guest Post by Aditya Kumar at Ashwani & Associates Chartered Accountants Online shopping, have you ever tried it? In today’s scenario almost 90% of the Indians will answer this question with a Big Yes. Digitization – one of the most common things our generation is experiencing. Whether, we talk about the ever-changing trends of online […]

Importance of Planning for Destruction of Documents

Importance of planning for destruction of documents

We recently completed a record destruction activity that over-ran budget by 500% and time estimates by 700%! The reason? Poor planning for destruction while initially storing the records. It is often easier to not plan for destruction of documents. Administrative systems in India are often unreliable, and we end up questioning our intent to destroy. What […]

Records Management News - January 2015

Records management news – Jan 2015 Edition

Iron Mountain (IRM) Settles Issues with DOJ for $44.5M Storage and information management firm, Iron Mountain recently reached a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to resolve a civil complaint. Two civilians Patrick McKilop and Brent Stanley levied charges against Iron Mountain under the False Claims Act in the Eastern District of California […]

Managing your personal records

Managing your personal records

I used to find myself spring-cleaning my documents every 4-6 months. Heaps of paper collected over time – bank statements, bills, junk mail. Important papers got buried in the heaps, and I couldn’t find them when needed. Since setting up EisenVault, I have gotten my personal documents in shape as well. And in this post I’m going to […]

Common Records Management Mistakes

Common records management mistakes

As a company it is essential to maintain certain types of documents for many years. Often there are legal obligations. You may never be audited and get away with a few missing documents. But the impact of getting caught in an audit can be brutal. Chief Executives have gone to jail over not complying with […]

What are Records?

What are Records?

All companies, big or small, private or public, have large amounts of information in paper and electronic form. This information needs to be tracked, stored securely, accessed efficiently and destroyed when it is no longer needed. This is vital for better decision making, lowering overhead costs and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. What is a Record? […]