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Manufacturing Industry Case Study – Cloud Based Document Management

The manufacturing sector is a vital part of any economy. If fuels the economy with many backward and forward linkages and is a driver of employment. The manufacturing set-up of companies is usually spread across different geographies and is usually in areas away from large metros and urban centres. This presents its unique set of […]

Why Document Storage Systems Are The Need Of The Hour?

Why Document Storage Systems Are The Need Of The Hour?

A business needs to survive in an unpredicted environment. The business environment is always facing challenges due to unforeseen political, social, and economic conditions. The technological advancement in the present time has helped the businesses to transform completely. One of the most important parts of any business organization is its data and document, which keeps […]

How to make the right choice of a cloud based storage system?

How To Make The Right Choice Of A Cloud Based Storage System?

Only a business owner can understand what kind of an environment his business operates in. Though technology has brought about many positive reforms in the business sector, it has also brought about some challenges. No matter what industry you are engaged in, it all comes down to keep your customer happy and satisfied to sustain […]

manufacturing document management

Importance of Manufacturing Document Management

The manufacturing division of an association manages a consistent progression of paper documents ranging from invoices, delivery forms, revised invoices, notices, purchase orders, debit/credit notes and many more. These documents are an indispensable part of any manufacturing process to ensure an efficient process throughout. Without appropriate manufacturing record management, there would be a postponement in […]