Importance of Centralised Electronic Health Records

The status-quo for health records today has done well but is riddled with problems such as lost records, unavailability of records when you need them, hard-to-find trends for a patient and impossible to find trends in a group, etc. but by far, the biggest problem has been for a physician to have access to all […]

Columbia Asia Hospital Selangor Malaysia

Healthcare Industry Case Study – Cloud Based Document Management

Columbia Asia Hospitals was concerned with the organizational effort to record, manage and access data which lacked structure and methodology. Attrition aggravated the problem due to issues in transition and training. Organization had partially executed Document Management system for some of the functions which  failed to meet end-user prerequisites. Digitization, data centralization and its access […]

What are Records?

What are Records?

All companies, big or small, private or public, have large amounts of information in paper and electronic form. This information needs to be tracked, stored securely, accessed efficiently and destroyed when it is no longer needed. This is vital for better decision making, lowering overhead costs and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. What is a Record? […]