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Your Documents Belong To You

Many organisations today are going digital and migrating their physical records from the warehouse to the cloud or their internal servers. A major factor contributing to this decision is continuity in business process wherein critical documents are made readily available to the user. Document security and availability becomes imperative to the organisation as a lot […]

paperless office

5 Simple Tips to Organise Your Office & Increase Efficiency

The journey from starting your business to taking it to the next level is a matter of practicing patience, perseverance and precision. These three Ps can help you achieve the impossible. But there is one function of managing a business, or entrepreneurship, that calls for these three Ps to come into play – organisation. The […]

diffie hellman modern encryption Awarded

Pioneers of Modern Encryption Awarded 2015 Turing Award

The ACM Turing Award is considered the highest honour in the field of Computer Science – some have called it the “Nobel Prize” of the Computer Science world. The award for 2015 has been awarded to Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman for their invention of public key encryption and digital signatures. Whittled Diffie is former Chief […]

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Encryption for Sensitive Documents

What is Encryption? Encrypting is simply the process of converting a human-readable document into a non-human readable file. Strong encryption ensures that the file is protected by a password, and no computer (or “hacker”) can read (decrypt) that document without the password. The most common example of encryption that we all see, is password protected […]