What is a Document Management System (DMS)?

Document Management System (DMS)?

A document management system is essentially a specialized software platform that is used to store and manage digital documents. Typical features of a DMS are as follows: Save digital documents PDF, images, MS Office, videos, sounds and other media. Version control An important function is to keep the version history of documents. Each time a document […]

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Beware! Paper tigers can devour your future.

They say a Paper Tiger is something that is not scary. It is time to change that view — but this time, let us say the tiger is not scary but the paper part is. Here’s why, as we mark the World Paper Free Day (You know there is a day for everything, but this, believe […]

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Seven habits of highly effective paperless offices

Back of-the-envelope calculations are good — particularly when you realise that you are reusing the envelope that helps you save trees from being cut. But envelope jokes apart, it makes sense to do some back-of-the-envelope arithmetic to get some sense of how we can save money and precious natural resources by going paperless.  On World […]

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Consolidation In the Document Management Industry

OpenText and EMC’s Documentum are both Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry giants and pioneers. On September 12 2016, OpenText announced that it is acquiring Documentum. This acquisition highlights some key points about the ECM industry: The legacy ECM industry is facing consolidation.  This is likely because challengers like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box are taking […]

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Digitisation Process – Key points to remember to avoid errors!

Digitisation process involves scanning of documents and meta tags* entry (data entry) for all the records. These are considered to be a long, tedious and costly processes. This is one of the primary reasons that organisations which generate large volume of documents, find it a nightmare to go digital. But digitisation makes life easy and most […]

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Top tips for a paperless office

Being super organised is akin to being super productive. This is true for any walk of life – work, home and everything else in between. Imagine an office with filing cabinets touching the ceiling, taking up entire walls of space, blocking the windows and closing in on you as you try to sift through piles […]

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EisenVault DMS vs. Dropbox / Box / Google Drive.

All organisations generate loads of documents in various forms and formats. A large no. of them are computer generated and many are received from partners and vendors in physical form. Organisations create large filing and storage systems to retain these, keeping in mind the statutory requirement or the critical need to retain for particular periods. This […]

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How is Cloud More Secure than On-Premises

Stakeholders at SMEs and Corporates often cite Security and Privacy as reasons for not moving their software to the Cloud. This is a reasonable concern given several high-profile hacking incidents in recent memory. This article, however, aims to show how storing documents in the Cloud is safer than storing them on a server at your […]

Benefits of a Document Management System

Benefits of a Document Management System

A Document Management System is software that lets you store & track your documents in an organised manner. Read more about features of typical DMS systems here:  Organisations of all sizes usually involve some type of document management system. The most rudimentary and chaotic approach involves sharing documents via email and storing on individual user […]

Nepal Digital Document Management

Nepal thinking Digital Document Management

The recent devastating earthquake that shook the Himalayan nation was a terrible tragedy that took away hundreds of lives and destroyed monuments and a large number of homes. It was covered extensively by the Global and the Indian media. Given India’s proximity and close cultural, economic and emotional connect the Indian media went into an […]