What are the challenges of Document Management?

Holding paper records is a costly recommendation. The cost of keeping paper records may be worthy if organizations could discover each archive when it is required. As a general rule, paper reports disappear normally and they are misfiled in some cases also. They can be lost forever. By their very nature, essential archives contain significant, […]

How Cloud Management Services Have Changed The Business Environment?

How Cloud Management Services Have Changed The Business Environment?

Cloud based management system refers to the software and technologies, which are designed to manage and control cloud computing devices. It has become a vital aspect of the professional and business world. With so many works and projects going on at the same that too with limited resources and time in hand, there should be […]

Cloud Document Storage for Business

Advantages Of Cloud Computing Document Storage For Businesses

Cloud computing document storage makes use of cloud computing software and cloud storage software to help organizations to run applications/programs on the Internet along with storage systems for storing and retrieving data. What makes it different from a cloud storage solution is that it is wider in scope than just data storage. It can be […]

Accounting firms use case

Accounting Firms – Cloud Based Management Services

Chartered Accountants, CPAs and CA Firms routinely need to collect documents from their clients and share relevant documents with their clients. Examples of such documents include payment vouchers, business expense receipts, international money transfer documentation and PAN cards. EisenVault provides you a simple to use cloud or online platform that you can use to store […]