We understand that every job role places a unique demand on a document management system. EisenVault’s DMS has been designed to provide a simple, yet sophisticated experience to a wide range of professionals.

We make your jobs easier

Business owners

Corporates and small businesses alike, deal with large volumes of records - employee documents, company policies, finance documents, customer data and such. It is imperative that every record is filed away for tax and auditing purposes, and then again retrieved whenever the lawyers or auditors demand them. EisenVault’s solutions ensure that you can manage your documents with minimal effort - every time.

Accounting and Finance

Chartered accountants and CPAs routinely need to collect documents from their clients, and share relevant documents with their clients. Examples of such documents could be - payment vouchers, business expense receipts, international money transfer documentation, PAN cards, etc. EisenVault provides you a simple-to-use online platform to store all your customer documents.

Legal team

Legal professionals can hardly ever throw a document away, resulting in an ever increasing load of records and data. Effortless access to old case files is as important as instant access to current case files. EisenVault’s innovative solutions take care of both your digital and physical document management requirements.

Executive suite (CXO)

A CXO's requirements from a document management system extends way beyond just records storage and retrieval. Considerations such as real estate costs, compliance with laws and regulations, protection against litigation and efficient utilisation of company resources are equally important. EisenVault's DMS combines the best of both worlds - smart and economical solutions that adhere to government stipulations, making document management a breeze.

Specialist professionals

Consultants, along with human resources, sales and marketing teams are required to work with bulk customer, employee and corporate data on a daily basis. EisenVault helps you go paperless in your operational processes, and through the use of intelligent search functions ensures that crucial documents can be easily accessed.