EisenVault takes a consultative approach and works with you in establishing document management policies and workflows to suit the demands of your industry. We enable you to access your records seamlessly - electronic or physical.

Industries we serve

Accounting professionals and firms

Accounting professionals and firms have to manage large volumes of data, often in an unstructured and unsorted format. EisenVault works with you to map electronic records to physical records, ensuring that you can easily retrieve that signed paper bill or voucher when the auditors demand it.

Healthcare service providers

Hospitals, medical centres and clinics have an ever increasing load of patient data - from prescriptions and test results, to invoices and transactional data. Medical records often need to be preserved for the life-time of a patient, and beyond. EisenVault's document management solutions help you preserve critical patient data in a secure and easy-to-access manner. We are here to help you make the best decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) companies have to adhere to strict regulatory protocols when it comes to preserving and managing customer records. Typical retention periods are 7-10 years for records such as account opening applications, vouchers and claims documents. EisenVault's facilities meet all RBI norms, and we provide industry grade encryption on our electronic storage solutions to ensure that your sensitive documents are well protected.

Law professionals and firms

Law firms and individual lawyers need to both preserve old case files for future reference, and have immediate access to current case files. EisenVault provides cost-effective and secure digital as well as storage solutions for your valuable client files, which allow you to retrieve documents promptly - making sure you are well prepared for court.


Whether you are a multi-brand retailer or a family-run shop, a retail business generates volumes of records - customer bills, transactional data, cash vouchers, supplier invoices - and every bit of record is critical for tax filing and auditing purposes. EisenVault understands this. Our solutions minimise the resources spent on storing and retrieving documents, transforming it into an effortless process.