At EisenVault, we have extensive experience working with small-to-medium enterprises, government entities and large corporate houses in India. We have developed a rich knowledge-base of records policies used by organisations of various sizes, and in multiple industries. Using a consultative approach, we will help you identify and streamline your records management needs - reducing total costs.

You will always know where your record is

Preparing records management policies

EisenVault will help you prepare your records management policies using a 3 step process:

  • Consult with internal stakeholders to prepare document matrix - listing all record types, users, tags/metadata, and retention periods (calculated based on statutory requirements and internal operational requirements)
  • Prepare a central repository where the records management policy is stored and made available to all stakeholders for reference
  • Customise electronic/physical document management systems and processes to work according to the records policies (includes building in appropriate approval workflows, destruction workflows, and audit points)

Scanning and digitising

Our scanning and digitising service involves scanning your document archive and then storing them, either in your EisenVault DMS or in a medium of your choice.

  • Consulting to help you decide which documents to selectively scan
  • Automatically OCR and index scanned images to provide full text search capabilities (only available with EisenVault DMS)
  • Data entry of meta-tags/index-fields to aid in filtering and searching on the EisenVault DMS

Classification, barcoding and relocation

EisenVault analysts will visit your office to classify and barcode all files that need to be stored with us. This includes cleaning all files.

  • Files will be packed into standard size boxes, and each box will be bar-coded
  • Barcodes of files/boxes are entered into our records database for easy tracking and retrieval
  • Can be a one-off project or an ongoing service