Easy and secure storage of your business critical records and documents, offsite

We pick up the documents from your office and transport them to our records centre. When you want them back, we bring them to you. Simple.

Physical records management – the process

We offer a variety of options for our physical records management service - we can pickup documents from your office or you can have them delivered to our location, you may choose to pack the boxes yourself or let us pack them for you. Pricing is based on the service options chosen.

  • We provide 1.5 cu-ft boxes of standard dimensions capable of holding up to 15 KG weight
  • All boxes/shelves are barcoded (you may choose to also get your files barcoded by us), and item barcodes stored in our database
  • Barcode information is shared with you for secure tracking of each of your file managed by us
  • Choose between same-day retrieval (available only in Delhi NCR area) or delivery within 2 business days

More than one storage site

We can store your physical documents at two locations:

  • Chhattarpur (New Delhi) - our premium location to store documents that you deem urgent and may require more frequently or at a short notice
  • Jaroda (Uttar Pradesh) - our main records centre with space for more than 1,000,000 files, is perfect for bulk storage

Secure and pest-free

All our record centres are secure and pest free, and equipped with:

  • 24x7 CCTV camera monitoring
  • Finger-print controlled access devices on all doors of main storage area
  • Round-the-clock security guards who log every visitor entry to the premises
  • Powder based automatic fire extinguishers in document storage areas, which automatically spray a dry powder extinguishing fire without wetting documents
  • Regular and frequent pest-control measures to keep our facilities free from rodents, termites, silverfish, ants and other pests