EisenVault has expertise in effectively managing such documents and processes and suggest ways to minimise time and cost.

Digitisation of documents is the first and the most important process that involves scanning of documents and meta tags* entry (data entry) for all the records. This can be a long, tedious and costly process if managed with unprofessionalism. The documents that an organization possesses are of different shapes and sizes. Some documents are very old and need special attention while handling.

Scanning and digitising

Our scanning and digitising service involves scanning your document archive and then storing them, either in your EisenVault DMS or in a medium of your choice.

  • Consulting to help you decide which documents to selectively scan
  • Automatically OCR and index scanned images to provide full text search capabilities (only available with EisenVault DMS)
  • Data entry of meta-tags/index-fields to aid in filtering and searching on the EisenVault DMS

Digitisation and Data-entry Process

EisenVault digitisation team follows a pre-defined process to ensure that the errors are minimised and the task is completed within time:

  • Pre scanning - Planning is crucial part of the project and we suggest to estimate the volume of work in advance in order to save time.
    • We involve all possible stakeholders of the organisation in the discussions.
    • We analyse the sizes of the documents as different sizes need different types of scanners.
    • Decide the segregation by which the documents are to be categorised (e.g. monthly, yearly, serial number, or any other field).

  • Quality control - After the scanning is done, the following steps are taken to ensure quality.
    • Random manual checking of the sequence and readability of documents.
    • Re-bound documents as they were before unpinning.
    • In case we are using multiple scanners, the scanned files are merged into a proper order in a single file.
    • We ensure that no documents are left unscanned.

  • Data entry or meta tag entry - Involves data capturing to ease your search
    • We work with the client to identify fields which are most important for their business
    • Data validation tools are used to ensure that correct data is captured in each field
    • Professional data entry operators are used to ensure that there are no spelling mistakes
    • Random checks are done to ensure that there are no discrepancies