When using the hybrid document management solution, you benefit from the best of both our cloud-based and on-premises systems.

The primary storage location can be your internal servers with backup servers on cloud and vice versa.

Hybrid Document Management System – Model

Hybrid model offers:

  • Same features as the stand-alone cloud & on-premises models
  • Option to sync part / all of the on-premises repository with the cloud repository wherein
    • Cloud can act as a back-up of on-premises repository
    • Cloud can be used to allow access to a subset of documents outside the company firewall

Key features of EisenVault Digital DMS

The EisenVault Digital Document Management System offers a rich set of industry standard benefits.

  • Digital document storage
  • Online editing capabilities
  • Google Docs integration
  • Version control
  • Metadata attribution, e.g.
    • 'Date' of document storage
    • 'Author'
    • 'Employee ID' for an employee document
  • Document management workflows
  • Indexing and search abilities
  • Collaboration and social features
  • Document audit trails
  • Multi-language OCR - Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Nepalese amongst others
  • OCR of scanned images to searchable PDF documents
  • Support for multiple file types: PDF, Doc, Docx, ODT, Google Docs, TIFF, JPEG, etc
  • Cloud storage on secure servers
  • Highly secure enterprise grade encryption
  • Daily database backups
  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • No limit on file size
  • Easily customisable user interface
  • Accessible using web browser and mobile app

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