EisenVault Tech Support FAQs

What is the function of toolbar at the top?

The EisenVault toolbar is designed to help you to navigate EisenVault and to quickly find content, people or departments.

It’s always available at the top of the page after successful login.


  • Home – Opens your user dashboard.
  • Department Opens recent visited departments.
  • Tasks – Opens the My Tasks page where you can manage your tasks or view workflows that you’ve started.
  • People Opens the People Finder page where you search for other users.
  • Admin Tools – This option is only available with System Administrator. If you are System Administrator, you can access Admin Tools to manage Departments, Users or Groups.
  • Trashcan – Opens Trashcan page which shows all documents or folders you have deleted.
  • User Menu – You can access your user profile, change your password, open the Customer Service link and log out.
  • Search Box – Use the Search Box to find documents, departments or people.