EisenVault Tech Support FAQs

What is EisenVault’s Support Policy?

EisenVault DMS Subscription provides software support and updates to help you keep pace with ever-growing demand of simplifying your business documents.

EisenVault Support assures you of:

  • Unlimited Support Instances.
  • Regular Updates (New features, fixes, minor and even major version updates!)

Customers who are under a valid Subscription are entitled to the benefits associated with this policy.

The Software Subscription gives you access to our ticket-based email support and all updates, fixes and major updates plus the convenience of call back phone support for instant issue resolutions for the duration of the subscription. Active Software Maintenance is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your software investment.

Support Methodology

Customer are supported using remote support services such as the telephone, e-mail and, with customer approval, by logging on to the customers system using remote control software. Support is available from 09:30 AM to 6:30 PM IST (GMT +5:30) Monday to Friday and on weekends and evenings by prior arrangement.

The support process starts when a software user contacts their internal help desk or IT support department. If the customers internal support cannot help and determines the problem is related to the document management software they will register the issue by emailing to support@eisenvault.com or submitting ticket on customer support portal. This service is available for customer’s technical support staff 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The support email is monitored by EisenVault Support Team up to 16 hours per day, Monday to Friday. Technical support is generally provided during regular business hours, between 9:30am IST and ending at 6:30pm IST.


Initial Response Times – Full descriptions of severity levels are as follows:

  • Priority 1: A Problem that renders the Licensed Software completely inoperable
  • Priority 2: A Problem that renders a major function of the Licensed Software inoperable, resulting in a loss of function or degraded performance for which there is no workaround available.
  • Priority 3: A Problem (which may include a general software problem) where there is minimal impact on the performance of the Licensed Software, there is no loss of service, the incident has no major effect on the usability of the Licensed Software, and a reasonable workaround is available
  • Priority 4: A Problem where there is no impact on the quality, performance or functionality of the Licensed Software, and may include a request for enhancement by the Customer

Hours of Availability – Weekend coverage applies only to Priority 1 and 2 issues. Weekends start from Friday 6:30 PM Indian time zone (GMT +5:30) until Monday 09:30 AM Indian time zone (GMT +5:30), spanning a total of 63 hours.

Support Team – Our Advanced and Dedicated Support Teams are both highly trained engineers who are ready to diagnose issues for your instance. Our dedicated support team familiarize themselves with primary contacts from your company to learn about your instance and issues. In order to ensure the best outcomes, we limit the number of individuals within an account to 2-3 named contacts.  This helps ensure the most knowledgeable individuals within our customers are connected with our most senior engineers to drive issues to conclusion faster.

Screen-sharing, collaboration phone calls, and health checks – Our team is highly accustomed to screen-sharing session with customers to reduce miscommunications and delays, which lowers resolution times.

Escalation Policy

If a customer feels the support response times are not being met or the problem is not being addressed they may initiate direct contact Head of customer services nittin.kakkar@eisenvault.com.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get support?

The Software Maintenance Subscription gives you access to our ticket-based email support. The ticked based email support is available from the Customer Service Portal. To open up a new support issue just access to Customer Service Portal from EisenVault DMS user menu and submit a new support ticket. We are extremely responsive and you can generally expect a reply from us within a few hours during normal business hours.

Do you offer any professional services?

We do offer professional installation, training, upgrade and custom import tools for legacy data services at a very reasonable price. For more information, please contact our support department with your specific needs.

Is there any other way of resolving any problems I may run into?

Our Customer Service Portal has a full Support Suite under the support section, including online help files, Knowledgebase, User Guides, YouTube video tutorials, etc to try and solve your problem quickly. Visit this site before contacting technical support to ensure timely resolution of your issues.

How do I get updates and bug fixes?

All eligible updates, fixes and major upgrades for your product will be auto available for your instance. Users will be notified via email about recent updates.

How often do you release updates and upgrades?

Minor versions are released 2-3 times a year with bug fixes and new features. A major version is released approximately in 1-1.5 years.