What are the challenges of Document Management?

Holding paper records is a costly recommendation. The cost of keeping paper records may be worthy if organizations could discover each archive when it is required. As a general rule, paper reports disappear normally and they are misfiled in some cases also. They can be lost forever. By their very nature, essential archives contain significant, and regularly private, data. And Securing that information can be a challenge. Some organizations experience challenges when searching for documents. This poor management of information is hampering employee productivity.

A few organizations experience difficulties when searching for documents. This poor administration of data is hampering employee productivity.

The most well-known record management challenges looked by organizations today are:

  • Searching and storage of paper documents.
  • Managing and identifying the information into the records.
  • Document version control challenges.
  • Managing the complete audit trail of documents.
  • Digitization of documents and scanning a huge number of documents.

After the development of different cloud-based document storage like EisenVault, the challenge. Features of EisenVault cloud document management system:

  • Making Records Easily Accessible
  • Generate Audit reports
  • Monitor system events such as login ad logout into the system
  • Changing the password
  • Document creation and deletion
  • Digitizing the records