EisenVault Tech Support FAQs

How to share your document through a URL-link to DMS user and non-DMS user.

You can easily share a file – even with people who don’t have an EisenVault account. Clicking the Share action generates a URL that you can send by email or publish using social networking websites. People with access to the URL can view the file. Those with an EisenVault account have the option of logging in and those without having an account in EisenVault.  

This option is available in the Document Library detailed view and on the file preview screen. In the Document Library, graphical views click to see the option. 

For DMS user – 

DMS users can share the document through a link where the user must have an account in EisenVault DMS.

1. In the Document Library find the file you want to share.


2. Copy the share link in document action and share, for this link, the user must have an account in EisenVault DMS. 

For Non – DMS user – 

1. In the Document Library find the file you want to share.

2. Click on share, a new public link is generated and that link is for the non-DMS user, anyone can view and download the who has access to that URL-link. Only Admin, Manager and Collaborator have access to generate this link.

3. Click the icon that represents how you want to share the link. 

Tip: The View action lets you preview the file to ensure it is the content you want to share.


Note: You can also copy the link and paste it wherever you like, such as an email or document. When you select a sharing option, a page relevant to your selection displays.


When you don’t want your publicly shared file to be available anymore, you can break the link. Once you make the link invalid, anyone who tries to access it will be unable to reach the public page.

Find the file you previously shared.

​Click Unshare.