EisenVault Tech Support FAQs

How do I search for documents in EisenVault?

EisenVault allows you to use multiple criteria for effective searching and saving your time. You may search for people, department or a document by using the search panel available on the top right of your screen. The search gives you all the relevant results based on the keyword being searched. You have the option of sorting the search results on your desired relevance.

Once you have obtained the search results, you also get several filters that you may apply and narrow down results. These filters include: 

  • Creator 
  • File Type 
  • Created Date 
  • Size 
  • Modified By 
  • Modified Date

Once you have found the right document, you can click the Actions drop-down button to download or take the desired action on that document.


Step 1: Access advanced search options from the down-arrow button available in the search panel.

Step 2: Choose from Content, Folder or Document based on what you want to search.

Step 3: You get different search options based on your above choice.

Step 4: Description, Modified Date, Modifier or keyword.

Step 5: Click Search