EisenVault Tech Support FAQs

Bulk Upload Document with Metadata Using Uploader Plus

Upload Multiple Documents using Drag-n-Drop

EISENVAULT DMS allows users to upload multiple documents using drag-and-drop or by simply selecting multiple documents from the file system.

Gives the users an easy and quick tool to upload multiple documents in one go without downloading or installing any software component or plug-in on the user’s device(s).

What is Metadata?

Metadata is descriptive data that are used to organize and retrieve documents, data, and other resources when you need them.

Think of metadata as data about data.

Metadata summarizes the information your other data contains. It can be created manually or the metadata creation process can be automated. Either way, metadata is what allows for easy data storage and retrieval.

Uploader-plus: EisenVault Uploader plus that prompts for metadata

Document management systems (DMS) like EisenVault provide storing documents on a file-system. But while file-systems are certainly good at storing, it is not so obvious that they are good at searching, classifying, reporting, and policy-enforcing, especially when the number of documents is high. In contrast, this is where an EisenVault DMS can make a difference.

The EisenVault DMS advantage is largely based on its ability to handle different content types and the associated metadata. When you have thousands of documents, being able to search for those of type “invoice” with certain metadata for “year”, “supplier”, “buyer” or “department” is a definite plus.

With these requirements in mind, the purpose of the Uploader-plus is to enhance the standard EisenVault Uploader with a mechanism to prompt the user for content type and metadata during the upload process.

How to Set Uploader Plus in EisenVault DMS

Step: 1. Click on “Admin Tools” on the home page from the Administrator’s login.

STEP 2: Then click on “Uploader Plus”


STEP 3: Click on “New upload folder” 



STEP 4:  Select the folder where you want to set Uploader plus then click “OK”



STEP 5: All metadata list will open, Select the Metadata Type



STEP 6: Click Save

Metadata form

Upload Document in Selected Folder during set up of upload plus. For each document to upload, the feature prompts for a type and the associated metadata. Fields are subject to validation. It is NOT possible for a user to upload a document without metadata or with incorrect values.

Fill all the details

Then click “OK”

Content-type selection

The user is offered a list of allowed content types for the destination folder. Different folders can have different allowed content types. One folder could allow only Marketing documents while another could allow only HR documents. The rules are configurable from an admin interface as explained in the following section.

Multiple uploads

When multiple files are uploaded together, the feature gives the user the ability to “check all” the same metadata set to all files, rather than re-typing the metadata for each file.

Click Next and Save.