EisenVault uses Microsoft Azure’s Geo-Redundant Blob Storage and File Shares for storing your important documents content. Microsoft's cloud storage provides high security, privacy & transparency, a most trusted place to keep your documents.

EisenVault simplifies document management for some of India’s most venerable organizations. These include corporate documents, invoices, contracts, legal agreements, employee documents and other office records. It is crucial that the documents are always secure and accessible in a fault tolerant manner.

In order to ensure that at EisenVault we provide the best security to our clients to protect their business documents, we leverage Microsoft Azure significantly. Microsoft Azure cloud storage is the most trusted cloud storage and it gives us an easy to use API for storing high-resolution document images in a fault tolerant and highly secure manner.

Security in the Cloud

EisenVault uses Azure Security Center to gain an overview of security compliance and required actions across its Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage accounts, Azure Virtual Networks, and Azure SQL Database. This is crucial to keeping EisenVault’s app and customer documents safe. Other key security features EisenVault uses are Azure Disk Encryption, Azure Log Analytics, Azure Storage Analytics, Azure Storage Service Encryption for Data at Rest, and Azure Network Security Groups.Azure Security Center makes it possible for EisenVault to monitor security compliance on a large scale, providing assurance to our customer.

Fault Tolerance in the Cloud

EisenVault uses geo-redundant blob storage and file shares of Azure for storing content. EisenVault’s open-source code accesses blob storage via the Java API of Azure. Cool Tier blob storage presents a cost-effective solution for storing large files while still being able to access them quickly when needed. Geo-redundancy provides backup capabilities, so if disaster strikes or a failure occurs at one location, the precious documents will be safely stored at another location.The geo-redundancy of Microsoft Azure Blob storage enables EisenVault to offer a reliable solution for storing irreplaceable documents.

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