Cloud Based Document Storage

Cloud Based Document Storage

A Few Essential Features To Look For In Cloud-Based Document Storage?

Cloud-based document storage systems are an indispensable part of every organization irrespective of the industry. It is undoubtedly the best way to store your data. It helps in making data flow in an organization fast and efficient.

But does your cloud-based document storage system possess the requisite features to cope up with ongoing trends? Following are a few essential features you must look for in a cloud-based document storage system:


Every cloud-based document storage comes with security features. But ordinary security feature is not enough to keep your data in good hands in the threatening world of the Internet. Choose the one with top-notch security features, advanced firewall, and encryptions. Failure to provide proper encryption by your service provider will make your data liable to interception by unauthorized parties.

Advanced search option

No matter how secure your cloud-based document storage is, if you are not able to locate necessary files on time, it serves no purpose. Spending a lot of time searching required files results in low productivity. Look for a storage system that has index tagging and intelligent filtering options. This will shorten the search time required to locate a file. Your cloud-based storage system should also be able to search inside a document and not just within the folders.

File sharing

The file-sharing option will allow access to the files to multiple users at the same time. In an organization, the job of every department is interrelated. They need to have access to the same files simultaneously to perform their jobs. If such an option is not available in your cloud-based document storage system, the workflow of your organization will be heavily affected.


Make sure your cloud-based document storage system has room to grow to accumulate a bigger size of digital documents. As your business grows bigger, you will need to scale up your storage system to accommodate the growing document needs. If this feature is absent in your cloud-based document storage system, you will have to replace your service provider when such a situation occurs. This will only delay your business operations and increase capital investments in hiring a new service provider.

Admin controls

Why admin controls are important? Because it is not necessary to provide access to every document to every employee of your organization. Some specific files and folders are meant for the use of Top Management only. Admin controls will help you set permissions and controls for who can access and edit sensitive files and folders.

Customer Support

Your service provider needs to be at your constant call in case you face any issues with your cloud-based document storage system. Without proper assistance, your issues won’t be resolved promptly resulting in bottlenecks. Look for a cloud-based document storage system that has a track record of providing good customer support. Decide on how would you like to be assisted and make your choice accordingly.


Backups help in keeping a copy of your database secured from unforeseen circumstances. You can recover accidentally damaged or deleted files within fractions of seconds. This feature is generally present in every cloud-based document storage system. However, just having this feature is not enough. The automatic backup feature should be present to create a periodic backup of your files. Amidst heavy work pressure, there might be chances that you miss out on creating a backup on your own and end up losing your data to a silly human error. In such a scenario, your automatic backup will be your savior.

Remote Access

Remote access will allow you to have access to your files from any computer system, mobiles, or any other smart devices by providing the required credentials. This feature makes it possible to keep your work going even your staff/employees are on the move. This comes handy for employees from remote areas or freelance workers of your organization.