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Digitisation Process – Key points to remember to avoid errors!

Digitisation process involves scanning of documents and meta tags* entry (data entry) for all the records. These are considered to be a long, tedious and costly processes. This is one of the primary reasons that organisations which generate large volume of documents, find it a nightmare to go digital. But digitisation makes life easy and most […]

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Going Digital? Key Points to Remember

With the Prime Minister’s “Digital India” initiative in place, several organisations are planning to go digital for managing their official documents. The very first step that these organisations are required to take is to define the scope of work. This means that the person or the department who is in-charge of the digitization project should […]

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Top tips for a paperless office

Being super organised is akin to being super productive. This is true for any walk of life – work, home and everything else in between. Imagine an office with filing cabinets touching the ceiling, taking up entire walls of space, blocking the windows and closing in on you as you try to sift through piles […]

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5 Simple Tips to Organise Your Office & Increase Efficiency

The journey from starting your business to taking it to the next level is a matter of practicing patience, perseverance and precision. These three Ps can help you achieve the impossible. But there is one function of managing a business, or entrepreneurship, that calls for these three Ps to come into play – organisation. The […]

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Kickoff 2016 – Going offsite to Set Goals and Know Each Other Better

“The Statement Group”, comprising EisenVault, RitiVise and Integral Media teams, started the financial year 2016-17 with a blast. The team went out for a fun filled offsite to Baghaan Orchard Retreat, nestled in a mango orchard, close to the river Ganga. The team had a busy and entertaining couple of days that included group discussions, break–out sessions […]

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Stranger Danger – Digital Security & Real World Safety

Digital Security follows the same basic principles as Real World Safety. As kids we have all learned about “Stranger Danger”. Our parents spent a lot of time explaining the following things to us before sending us off to face the world at School: Never Talk to Strangers Never Go anywhere with a Stranger Don’t accept candy […]

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The Worst Passwords We Have Seen

I admit I am guilty of using super-easy passwords, because I have been lazy. But we know that Hackers can be ruthless. Cases in point are the Ashley Madison Hack of last year and the iOS Hack where many celebrities’ compromising photos were leaked. Almost always the problem is weak passwords. This is a list […]

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Pioneers of Modern Encryption Awarded 2015 Turing Award

The ACM Turing Award is considered the highest honour in the field of Computer Science – some have called it the “Nobel Prize” of the Computer Science world. The award for 2015 has been awarded to Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman for their invention of public key encryption and digital signatures. Whittled Diffie is former Chief […]

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Encryption for Sensitive Documents

What is Encryption? Encrypting is simply the process of converting a human-readable document into a non-human readable file. Strong encryption ensures that the file is protected by a password, and no computer (or “hacker”) can read (decrypt) that document without the password. The most common example of encryption that we all see, is password protected […]

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Find Documents Quickly – Case Studies

The traditional models of document storage are dead and buried. Nobody simply stores important documents in the “My Documents” folder or on a network share drive any more, because it’s not possible to find documents quickly and there is little document security and portability. So, what is the way people store documents today? In this […]