Cloud Storage Cost

Why is Cloud Storage More Expensive than External Hard Disks?

Microsoft Azure’s Blob Cloud Storage price varies somewhere between INR 1.01 and INR 3.31 per Gigabyte per month. So if you extrapolate, 10 Terabytes would cost between INR 10,340 and INR 33,890 per month. By contrast, an external hard drive of 1-Terabyte capacity would cost around INR 3,800 to buy on  So 10 TB […]

document management for HR

Online Document Management for HR Department

Among the dozens of activities that a HR professional does, filing, documentation and storage claim the a large amount of time. Many relevant HR activities take a back seat due to this. This imbalance hampers overall productivity of the organisation. Security of documents is another challenge which HR teams have to cope-up with, especially when […]

Document Management Software in India

Overview of Document Management Software Industry in India

Document Management Software in India is a competitive market, but there are significant opportunities for growth. This article aims to provide a high level overview of key trends and key players. A simple Google search reveals 20-30 companies offering Document Management Software in India. This indicates a fairly crowded market place. However, these companies can […]

Document Management Solutions

Your Documents Belong To You

Many organisations today are going digital and migrating their physical records from the warehouse to the cloud or their internal servers. A major factor contributing to this decision is continuity in business process wherein critical documents are made readily available to the user. Document security and availability becomes imperative to the organisation as a lot […]

Webinar on DMS

Beware! Paper tigers can devour your future.

They say a Paper Tiger is something that is not scary. It is time to change that view — but this time, let us say the tiger is not scary but the paper part is. Here’s why, as we mark the World Paper Free Day (You know there is a day for everything, but this, believe […]

world paper free day

Seven habits of highly effective paperless offices

Back of-the-envelope calculations are good — particularly when you realise that you are reusing the envelope that helps you save trees from being cut. But envelope jokes apart, it makes sense to do some back-of-the-envelope arithmetic to get some sense of how we can save money and precious natural resources by going paperless.  On World […]

password, document security, hackers

How safe are you from Hackers?

On September 20th, 2016, was hit by a DDoS attack. This was the largest such attack in history. In simplified terms, in a DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-service) attack, a large number of devices try to simultaneously access a single target web-server. This causes the target web-server to be overloaded. In the case of this attack […]

Document Management System

Consolidation In the Document Management Industry

OpenText and EMC’s Documentum are both Enterprise Content Management (ECM) industry giants and pioneers. On September 12 2016, OpenText announced that it is acquiring Documentum. This acquisition highlights some key points about the ECM industry: The legacy ECM industry is facing consolidation.  This is likely because challengers like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box are taking […]

Boxes in a Document Warehouse

Securing Physical Documents & Files

EisenVault stores physical documents & files at our warehouse in Delhi. Our customers need these documents to be kept safely and securely for 7-10 years, depending on the applicable laws. The documents are stored in regular 5-ply cardboard boxes, barcoded and sealed. Several precautions are taken against hazards, even if the probability of their occurrence […]