Time to change password

The Advantages of Single Sign On (SSO)

Reduce Password Reuse and Clutter One of the most common cyber security challenges that we face today is the incessant reuse of passwords. I am sure all of us have one or two favourite passwords that we use for things like our Gmail, office computer login, and (god forbid) our Netbanking. We do this because […]

Why EisenVault chose to use Google infrastructure ...

Cloud Based Management Services

The full power of the EisenVault Document Management System (DMS) can be realized through its unique fully cloud-based managed service. The system is hosted with a world-class commercial cloud infrastructure – the same infrastructure that supports millions of users and thousands of terabytes of data for businesses worldwide. This cloud-based approach offers several advantages over […]

What is a Document Management System (DMS)?

Document Management System (DMS)?

A document management system is essentially a specialized software platform that is used to store and manage digital documents. Typical features of a DMS are as follows: Save digital documents PDF, images, MS Office, videos, sounds and other media. Version control An important function is to keep the version history of documents. Each time a document […]

EisenVault DMS

Control Your Document Instead of Letting it Control You!

Running a business is not the easiest of tasks. Apart from finance and people, managing documents can be a huge challenge. Dealing with the first two is an ongoing process whereas for the latter if you put a system in place, it will be on auto-pilot mode. This is specifically where EisenVault’s Cloud-Based Document Management Software […]

Cloud-Based Document Management Software

Case Study: Going Digital for Efficiency

This is a case study of how a manufacturing company has benefitted from using EisenVault’s Cloud-Based Document Management Software. The customer is a diversified manufacturing business, based in North India. They have manufacturing in various states and their HQ is in New Delhi. Their main product is food flavors and concentrates. The sales department would […]

artificial intelligence

AI & Machine Learning set to shape the future of DMS

However unbelievable it might have seemed a couple of decades back, but we are seeing incredible advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. The immense scope and possibilities of how these technologies will be used in our businesses soon are very exciting and mildly scaring at the same time. How has the journey of […]

self serve DMS

Self Serve Model of EisenVault DMS

We at EisenVault are in the process of launching a fully “self-serve” model of our leading Document Management Software product. This will be a generational leap and will offer a more flexible solution with which you can really hit the ground running. Currently a user can sign-up for a free trial online and after 30 […]

artificial intelligence

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Quest for EisenVault

We at EisenVault have been exploring Machine Learning of late. We have some features in the works – more about that in a later post. All this exploration has led us to some useful resources for learning and practicing machine learning concepts. This article talks about these resources, hoping that readers will find it useful […]

EisenVault DMS

EisenVault Document Management System – Served Across Industries

EisenVault has successfully deployed its Document Management System and Document Digitising Service across functions and industries, both on-premises and on-cloud. Below are a few case studies of clients in Goa, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi-NCR, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and other Indian States.