Application Programming Interface

Integrating with EisenVault using API

EisenVault has a comprehensive Restful API. We have used this API to integrate with ERPs, CRMs, and to build a number of different user experiences (like Offline Sync, Mobile App, Electronic Signature App). This article gives an overview of the EisenVault API. If you would like to integrate a 3rd party product with our document […]

Overcome Challenges and Feel Empowered : Growing Leadership of Women

The past year has unprecedented in many ways. We have been forced to live, work, travel (when necessary, required, or possible) differently than what we all have been used you. Earlier we at EisenVault were used to interacting with team members across all business functions every day during the daily morning stand up. A practice […]

Importance of Centralised Electronic Health Records

The status-quo for health records today has done well but is riddled with problems such as lost records, unavailability of records when you need them, hard-to-find trends for a patient and impossible to find trends in a group, etc. but by far, the biggest problem has been for a physician to have access to all […]

Tablet Near A Notebook

Essential Tools for the Locked-Down Lawyer

I was recently a panellist on a very informative webinar on IT Skills and Tools for Lawyers, hosted by the Indian Lawyers’ Association and Vakilsearch. I got quite a few interesting insights from my fellow panellists. Preparing for this panel got me thinking about how our tools have changed since the start of the lockdown. […]

Why Document Storage Systems Are The Need Of The Hour?

Why Document Storage Systems Are The Need Of The Hour?

A business needs to survive in an unpredicted environment. The business environment is always facing challenges due to unforeseen political, social, and economic conditions. The technological advancement in the present time has helped the businesses to transform completely. One of the most important parts of any business organization is its data and document, which keeps […]

How to make the right choice of a cloud based storage system?

How To Make The Right Choice Of A Cloud Based Storage System?

Only a business owner can understand what kind of an environment his business operates in. Though technology has brought about many positive reforms in the business sector, it has also brought about some challenges. No matter what industry you are engaged in, it all comes down to keep your customer happy and satisfied to sustain […]

Shooting down the lockdown blues – #LockdownDairies

The EisenVault team has been at its productive best during the lockdown, despite being holed up at home, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Surprisingly the sales and business development team too have kept busy, with inbound leads, chasing contracts and restarting some stalled discussions. The customer success team has as always been helping our […]

Importance of cloud-based services for businesses

Importance Of Cloud-based Services For Businesses

The business environment has always been a dynamic one due to unforeseen political, social, and economic circumstances. But, technological advancements in the last decade have completely transformed the business environment. One important aspect where technology has granted business organizations a wonderful opportunity is in the document management storage system. Documents and data are an important […]

How Cloud Management Services Have Changed The Business Environment?

How Cloud Management Services Have Changed The Business Environment?

Cloud based management system refers to the software and technologies, which are designed to manage and control cloud computing devices. It has become a vital aspect of the professional and business world. With so many works and projects going on at the same that too with limited resources and time in hand, there should be […]

Collage of EisenVault Interns

The Interns – The not so old who add the youth quotient at EisenVault

The Intern, a Hollywood release of 2015 starring, Robert De Niro, playing Ben and Anne Hathaway, playing Jules is quite an interesting watch. In the movie, Ben, a retired 70-year-old is bored with retired life and would like to keep busy. He joins an online fashion retailer a senior intern. The founder of the company […]