Importance of cloud-based services for businesses

Importance Of Cloud-based Services For Businesses

The business environment has always been a dynamic one due to unforeseen political, social, and economic circumstances. But, technological advancements in the last decade have completely transformed the business environment. One important aspect where technology has granted business organizations a wonderful opportunity is in the document management storage system. Documents and data are an important […]

How Cloud Management Services Have Changed The Business Environment?

How Cloud Management Services Have Changed The Business Environment?

Cloud based management system refers to the software and technologies, which are designed to manage and control cloud computing devices. It has become a vital aspect of the professional and business world. With so many works and projects going on at the same that too with limited resources and time in hand, there should be […]

Collage of EisenVault Interns

The Interns – The not so old who add the youth quotient at EisenVault

The Intern, a Hollywood release of 2015 starring, Robert De Niro, playing Ben and Anne Hathaway, playing Jules is quite an interesting watch. In the movie, Ben, a retired 70-year-old is bored with retired life and would like to keep busy. He joins an online fashion retailer a senior intern. The founder of the company […]

Team working remotely on Zoom wearing hats

Locked Down but not Locked Out

In the past among the management team there were a number of discussions on whether working from home should be allowed, what should be the criteria, and how many days a month it should be allowed. There were varied views; some advocating flexibility others suggesting a policy of no working from home. We never reached […]

legal document management

What is Legal Document Management and Why Do You Need It?

A legal document management system is dedicated DMS software build to oblige the necessities of the record management of a law office or an association working in the legal business or some other legal-specific functionalities. Why do you need Legal Document Management? Stop using exchanging and archiving information physically and adopt cloud based legal document […]

manufacturing document management

Importance of Manufacturing Document Management

The manufacturing division of an association manages a consistent progression of paper documents ranging from invoices, delivery forms, revised invoices, notices, purchase orders, debit/credit notes and many more. These documents are an indispensable part of any manufacturing process to ensure an efficient process throughout. Without appropriate manufacturing record management, there would be a postponement in […]

Tips to choose the best cloud storage for business

Tips To Choose The Best Cloud Storage For Business

In this technological era, every business is aware of the benefits of cloud storage for business. It lets you ditch those bulky cabinets in your office, and access your work-related files and folders through laptops or phones while sitting anywhere on the globe. Though businesses are aware of the advantages, they are not much aware […]

Cloud Document Storage for Business

Advantages Of Cloud Computing Document Storage For Businesses

Cloud computing document storage makes use of cloud computing software and cloud storage software to help organizations to run applications/programs on the Internet along with storage systems for storing and retrieving data. What makes it different from a cloud storage solution is that it is wider in scope than just data storage. It can be […]

Person holding a contract document

EisenVault Featured in Top 20 Contract Management Software

Capterra have featured EisenVault in their list of Top 20 Contract Management Software. EisenVault is popular with in-house General Counsels and Purchase departments for managing vendor and supplier contracts. Key features include: Electronic Signature Contract Expiry Dates and Reminders Custom Metadata Advanced Search based on Metadata Full Text Search Document Versioning Compliance Reports Integration with […]

Cloud and On-Premises Document Storage that is accessible from Everywhere

Geopolitics increasingly affects online business and internet access. Many countries have increasingly started imposing restrictions on the internet. This means that some of your favourite online tools and services may not work while you are traveling. Below is a list of some countries and popular services that are blocked in those countries: China: Gmail, Dropbox, […]