Carta is a first draft-generation tool from Bayside Tech that lets teams create accurate first drafts, faster.
Carta makes creating first drafts from your templates faster, safer, and simpler.

Built by a team of lawyers and technologists with rich professional experience across industry verticals. Carta provides custom automation solutions designed to make document assembly faster, better, and safer. The team additionally provides consulting services in legal tech and have a proven track record of helping organizations introduce new technologies and adopt organisation-wide systems. Carta can be used to generate accurate first drafts of contracts in a fast and easy manner.

>50% Time Savings

All you need to do to create first drafts on Carta is select a template, and fill in a questionnaire - and voila! Your draft is ready to download as an MS Word document, formatted to your specifications!

No More Errors

There are several risks inherent in manual template-filling, particularly when it comes to complex, lengthy documents. With Carta’s automation technology, you can rest assured that information is inserted in the appropriate places, and all consequent changes (such as clause numbering, updating cross-references, etc.) are taken care of!

Access your Templates Everywhere

Carta is platform- and location-independent. This also means you do not need to install any additional software to use Carta - as long as you have a web browser and MS Word, you’re good to go! Your templates are marked-up and converted for use on Carta by qualified and experienced lawyers.

Your Information is Safe

Carta is hosted on leading cloud platforms, and our licence terms hold us to strict terms of confidentiality and security. Your contract drafts are secure on Carta, and only you have access to them.

Unlimited Drafts

No restrictions on the number of drafts you can create using any of your Carta templates.

Conditional Logic

Clauses, sections, and text sections inserted / replaced / modified per instructions linked to user input.


Tables / sections with custom rows / columns and entries created on the fly, based on user input.


Shareholding percentages checked, interest amounts computed, and with all arithmetical functions - errors avoided.

Custom Error Alerts

Specific input issues conveyed to users, caution messages before document download.

Formatting Preservation

Documents exactly the way you want them - all formatting instructions are preserved in Carta drafts.

How does Carta work?

Once you provide your contract templates to us, our team marks-up and uploads them for use on Carta. Your templates appear on Carta with an accompanying questionnaire - all you need to do to generate a draft is fill out the questionnaire and hit the download button! Carta automatically generates a Microsoft Word document that is formatted to pre-defined specifications. Carta is a web-based software, which means users can access their accounts from any location. This also means you do not need to install any additional software to use Carta - as long as you have a web browser and Microsoft Word, you’re good to go!

We understand that you may have several additional questions about Carta; set out below is some additional information that we trust will help address these:

How does the template upload process work?

Our team will provide a key to submitting templates for upload on Carta - this will include specifications for the manner in which you can indicate questions for the questionnaire, and how the clauses and variables in a template would be affected by user responses.

Depending upon the complexity of the template at hand, your templates are ready for use on Carta between five working days (NDAs, Employment Agreements, etc.) and 15-20 working days (SPAs, SSAs, SHAs, etc.)

Can Carta handle complex documents as well?

Carta provides a large range of options, and can handle fairly complex requirements, ranging from filling in information such as party names at all appropriate places in a document, to inserting and substituting clauses based on user choices. It can also handle a large number of MS Word formatting requirements that cover most day-to-day use-cases.

Can we get an on-site installation of Carta?

Carta is only available as a cloud-based tool, and we do not provide on-site installations. This ensures you always have the latest version of Carta, and that our support team can make any fixes or changes you need, speedily.

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