Application Programming Interface

Integrating with EisenVault using API

EisenVault has a comprehensive Restful API. We have used this API to integrate with ERPs, CRMs, and to build a number of different user experiences (like Offline Sync, Mobile App, Electronic Signature App). This article gives an overview of the EisenVault API. If you would like to integrate a 3rd party product with our document management system, do reach out to us and discuss.
The primary abilities of the API are divided into the following sections:
  • Authentication – Password & Token based
  • Departments/Sites (top level repositories) – List, Create, Delete, Search
  • People/Users – List, Create, Delete, Search, Update, Edit Profiles, Edit Signatures
  • Documents – List, Create, Delete, Search, Create New Versions, Download, Edit Properties
  • Folders – List, Create, Delete, Search, Edit Properties
  • Workflows – List Workflows & Tasks, Get Details of a Task, Approve, Reject
View our detailed API Documentation here.
The above API has been used for a number of use cases. Some are listed as case studies below.
Case Study 1 – CRM System
Sections of the API used:
  • Authentication
  • Folders
  • Documents
Overview of functionality:
Our client has a custom built CRM system called Cactus CRM. They use this to manage their customers’ contact details, invoices, contracts and billing. We helped integrate Cactus with EisenVault for the storage of invoices & contracts.
The CRM users are able to perform the below actions via the CRM UI:
  • Upload Invoice PDF
  • Download Invoice PDF
  • Upload Contract DOCX
  • Download Contract DOCX
In all the above actions, the backend and document repository is EisenVault. The CRM user does not see EisenVault, and only sees the CRM UI. Company management are able to login to the EisenVault UI and see the above created documents.
Case Study 2 – Electronic Signature Mobile App
Sections of the API used:
  • Authentication
  • Folders
  • Documents
  • Workflows
  • People
Overview of functionality:
The EisenVault team has built an app for iOS and Android that can be used for adding electronic signatures to PDF documents. This app can also be used for reviewing and approving other document types like DOCX, PPTX etc. When a user sends one or more documents to another user for approval, using our Workflow BPM System, the receiving user can view the approval request in the mobile app. From the app, the receiving user is able to approve/reject the request and she is able to add signatures to PDF documents. Users can also draw a signature using their fingers, or upload a picture of a signature.